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Our Process

1. Meet with You

We meet with you to learn about you, your family and the things you care about. It's starts with you and will always focus on you.

Let Us Meet You!

2. Identify Your Goals

We believe money is a tool to help you live the life you want to live. What is that ideal life? Your goals--what you want out of life--will help determine everything we do together. What are your short, mid, and long term goals? 

Where Do You Track Goals?

3. Agree on Relationship

What is the best way to achieve those goals? Here we decide how we want to work together.

  • Ongoing Planning & Advice
  • One-Time Plan
  • Hourly Advice
What's the Difference?

4. Determine the Direction

Here we dig in and get the data for what you already have. Based on your goals we will shape a strategy of where we need to go. We spend a meeting or two educating and explaining in what we call Strategy Sessions. 

What do You Need to Provide?

5. Write a Plan

With Goals clearly identified and and clear strategy before us, we will put them both in a written plan to execute. The plan will be 1-2 pages, written in clear, actionable English. No more of those 120 pages of graphs and statements. 

What do We Plan For?

6. Achieve the Plan

We give you one to three achievable goals in the plan that you can carry out in twelve weeks, not twelve months. These quarterly goals will help you stay on track to your large, longer goals. We connect with clients quarterly to celebrate goal achievement, decide new goals, and help keep them moving toward their ideal future.

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